ICBC Settlements

You have just received an ICBC settlement offer.  Now you have to ask yourself: "Is it fair?"

This is the toughest question of any ICBC claim.  Determining whether an ICBC settlement offer is fair requires you to think of a number of consideration.  Is ICBC compensating me for all my wage loss, all my out-of-pocket expenses, all the income I might loose in the future?  Are they really offering enough money for pain and suffering?

We help our clients maximize compensation and ensure the highest ICBC settlement offers bye ensuring that all of the evidence in support of your claim is gathered and presented to ICBC.

If you would like to discuss an ICBC settlement offer with us, we would me happy to set up a free consultation with you.

Your unique circumstances and injuries will determine the compensation you ultimately receive from ICBC. We will take the time to discuss in detail your claim and will pursue the methods of resolution best suited for your case.

Placing a Value on Your Claim

For most injured people enduring the emotional stress and physical pain of your injury is more important than focusing on compensation. However, money is one way the law takes your injuries into account. Three major factors contribute to the value of your ICBC injury claim:

  • Type of injury: A car accident victim may experience whiplash, fractures or spinal injuries, as well as injuries that are not immediately apparent, but develop over time, such as fibromyalgia and PTSD.
  • Severity of injury: Injuries can be classified as mild, moderate or severe, or fall anywhere along the range of severity.
  • Length of injury and recovery time: The amount of time it requires for injury sufferers to recover will weigh heavily in the amount of compensation available to them.

In addition, certain expenditures and losses will also affect the amount of compensation you receive, including:

  • Past income loss
  • Future employment prospects
  • Past and future medical expenses

The extent of these losses is not clear until the severity of your injuries becomes fully apparent. As your law firm, we will hire experts to evaluate your case and get you on track for both recovery and getting an appropriate ICBC settlement.

Experienced ICBC Claim Lawyer Working in Your Best Interest

At Gantzert Law, we are always prepared to go to trial. With this objective, ICBC is forced to take us seriously. However, there are in fact three ways in which your claim can be resolved:

  • Negotiation with the ICBC adjuster. With our advice, you can decide on which settlement is best for you and whether compensation offered by ICBC is fair. At Gantzert Law, we have negotiated millions of dollars' worth of settlements for our clients.
  • Mediation with ICBC. During mediation, a third party will help you reach a settlement with ICBC. As your lawyer, we will prepare expert evidence about your claim and advise you on the appropriateness of a settlement.
  • Trial in a courtroom. Following unsuccessful attempts at negotiation or mediation, you are entitled to pursue a courtroom judgment. Our counsel has extensive trial experience and has won compensation for clients following courtroom trials.

At Gantzert Law, we routinely hire well-respected experts to give testimony both inside and out of court to bolster the strength of your claim.

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